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China 2018



Peter Britz (South Africa)
Turf based abalone stock restoration using hatchery spat and private security protection in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. 

Brad Adams (Australia)
Ocean grown abalone: Commercial sea ranching of abalone in Australia. 

Laura Rogers-Bennett (USA)
Adapting abalone fisheries, restoration and aquaculture to a changing sea: ocean warming, acidification, low oxygen and harmfull algal blooms. 

Choulji Park (Korea)
Current status of abalone aquaculture in Korea. 

Tomohiko Kawamura (Japan)
Abalone populations on Northeast Pacific Coast of Japan after the mega-earthquake and massive tsunami in 2011. 

Caihuan Ke (China)
Progress and prospect for abalone research and industry in China. 

Country updates 

Peter Cook (Australia)
Worldwide abalone production statistics - Part A. 

Peter Cook (Australia)
Worldwide abalone production statistics - Part B. 

Ricardo Searcy-Bernal (Mexico)
Recent trends in abalone production in Mexico. 

Peter Britz (South Africa)
Country overview - South Africa. 

Laura Rogers-Bennett (USA)
Status of abalone fisheries along the West coast of North America. 

Gercende Courtois de Vicose (Spain)
European abalone production. 

Han Kyu Lim (Korea)
Abalone production in Korea. 

Tom McCowan (New Zealand)
New Zealand Blackfoot Abalone (Paua) production - Update 2018. 

Nicholas Savva (Australia)
Status of Australian farmed abalone. 



Jiaqi Li (China)
The application of strain-cross in commercial breeding of the Pacific abalone in China. 

Dong Huang (China)
Protective effects of dietary alpha-lipoic acid on abalone Haliotis discus hannai against the oxidative damage under waterborne cadmium stress. 

Yanlin Guo (China)
Protective effects of dietary selenium on abalone Haliotis discus hannai against the toxicity waterborne cadmium. 

Recca Sajorne (Phillipines)
Fouling organisms and macroparasite in abalone Haliotis asinina in Palawan, Phillipines. 

Jason Wright (South Africa)
Behaviour of juvenile abalone (Haliotis midae) in a South African abalone hatchery. 

Hye-Mi Lee (Korea)
Lethal and sublethal effects if suspended yellow clays on Pacific abalone Haliotis discus hannai, within the context of harmful algal bloom mitigation. 

Laura Rogers-Bennet (USA)
Endangered white abalone (Haliotis sorenseni) exhibit higher post-settlement success on substrate with crustose coralline algae. 

Stephen Dunser (South Africa)
The effect of stocking density on the bahavior of the South African abalone, Haliotis midae. 

Araceli Garcia (Mexico)
Induction of spawning of green abalone Haliotis fulgens using H202-TRIS and neuropeptide APGWamide. 

Jeremie Bauer (Mexico)
Multi-trophic aquaculture of green abalone Haliotis fulgens and sea cucumber Parastichopus parvimensis

Jhonamie Mabuhay (Phillipines)
Antimicrobial-producing bacterial symbionts from abalone Haliotis asinina. 

Genese Divine Cayabo (Phillipines)
Microbial and micro-parasite abundance in cage-cultured abalone Haliotis asinina. 

Pantip Sawangwong (Thailand)
Study on tolerance and immune response of Pacific abalone Haliotis discus hannai during simulated live transportation. 

Yawei Shen (China)
A novel assesment of the hypoxia tolerance based on cardiac performance and transcriptomic responses of the Pacific abalone under hypoxia stress. 

Leonie Venter (South Africa)
Uncovering the holistic metabolic response of Haliots midae to hypoxia. 

Cassandra Delgadillo Anguiano (Mexico)
Molecular identification of the hybrid abalone Haliotis sorenseni x Haliotis kamtschatkana assimilis. 

Shuang Liang (China)
Exploring the mechanism of disease-resistant hiterosis in Haliotis diversicolor hybrid. 

Moqebelo Marollana (South Africa)
Genetic characterization of farmed abalone (Haliotis midae) using microsattelite markers. 

Jinchen Guo 
Metabarcoding analysis of red abalone (Haliotis rufescens) gut microbiome compositions fed different macroalgal diets. 

Nan Chen (China) 
The tolerance of abalone to different environmental stress indicated by cardiac performance. 

Leonie Venter (South Africa) 
Metabolic evidence associated with faster growth observed in farmed Haliotis midae. 

Cynthia Catton (USA) 
Widespread starvation of red abalone following severe ocean warming: assessing the impacts and recovery potential. 

Laura Rogers-Bennett (USA) 
Using density-based fishery management strategies to respond to abalone mass mortality events. 

Andrew Witte (South Africa) 
Habitat availability and suitability for abalone ranching in the Eastern Cape. 

Jonas Woolford (Australia) 
Overview of the world's wild harvest abalone fisheries and their utilization of stock enhancement. 

Jin-Chywan Gwo (Taiwan) 
Recent development of small abalone industry in Taiwan. 

Wong Seng Wai (Singapore) 
Import and re-export statistics between Singapore and Hong Kong. 

Peter Cook (Australia) 
International environmental and social accreditation of abalone farms. 

Dave Garforth (China) 
Seafood sustainability standards for abalone market opportunity. 

Sabine Roussel (France) 

Anti-predator response of Haliotis tuberculata is modified after one generation of domestication. 

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