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The International Abalone Mapping Project 

Contains worldwide distribution maps for all known species. 


National Shellfisheries Association 

Web site devoted exclusively to SHELLFISH. In addition to information about the Association, the Web site lists positions open and sought, shellfish and other marine-related listservers, and shellfisheries resources on the Web. 


A company that consults on various aspects of abalone culture. 

The Fish Site

Free information resource for fish production and aquaculture. 

Aquaculture Resources: 
Cyber Shack for Penn Cove Shellfish 
The Conchologist's Information Network. 
Pacific Pearl Culture Ltd. 
Pearl culture and related publications 
Links to Invertebrate research 
Abstracts from the 28th European Marine Biology Symposium offered by The Institute of Marine Biology of Crete. 
FAO prices of fishmeal, soya,etc. Also info on world fishery products sales and production. 
Institute of Aquaculture, Univ of Stirling. Comprehensive list of links related to aquatic ecology. 
Fisheries Western Australia aquaculture site 
New South Wales aquaculture site 
Oregon State Aquaculture 
Univ of Arizona Aquaculture 
Algal Culture Center 
American Society of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO) 
American Tilapia association 
Aquaculture in Hawaii 
Arizona Aquaculture 
California Aquaculture 
PRAISE - Pacific Region Aquaculture Information Service for Education 
Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute, Inc. 
Illinois Aquaculture Industry Association 
Insurance for Aquaculture 
International Oceanographic Foundation 
Marine Biological Laboratory Woods Hole 
Marine Science Institute, University of Texas - Austin 
National Sea Grant Program 
Northern Aquaculture 
Scripps Institute of Oceanography 
University of Stirling Institute of Aquaculture

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